Commissioned Art Work for Companies


Trump Towers
Sunny Isles, Florida, USA
Oil on Canvas 60"x60" 150cmx150cm

Gold star Mortgage Group

Art can have a profound influence on people and places. Your company's lobby is the first area that people enter in your business and reflects your taste and status.

Art enhances the atmosphere of the work climate within your company, creates a renewed sense of pride and at the same time, it is a good investment.


Marjolein created commisoned artwork for very influential business owners in Miami, her strength is to monitor the clients needs and her taste for an stylish environment will reflect onto your clients and business.

Roche Bobois designer Jean Claude Brasset quoted: "Roche Bobois has exclusive gallery spaces to exhibit only the best contemporary artwork. I find Marjolein to be an artist of extra ordinary ability and talent"





The commissioned artwork process:

A date is set to hold a planning session. Client and Marjolein begin to write down as many ideas and detailed descriptions about the commissioned piece as possible. What is the piece for? For which area in your company? How large will it be? What format? Are there specifications that needs to be met? This will help guide the meeting and ensure that you express all of your ideas and concerns. The more successfully client and artist communicate with each other, the more closely your expectations will be met. Following this meeting Marjolein draws up a sketch and color scheme and, if everything is agreed upon, makes up a commission contract, drawn up and signed, before further work is done. This legally binding contract should include details regarding the following: preliminary designs, payment schedule, completion date, ownership and copyright, contact information.

Marjolein will advise and guide you throughout the whole process. The end result will be a blending of clients vision and her translation of that into paint on canvas, an asset to your company is created!



Roche Bobois
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

This assignment was inspired by the simple lines of the Roche Bobois, client wanted to incorporate her favorite Japanese poem in her Zen like office space lobby


Mixed Media / 250cm x 80cm


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