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Renting high quality original works of art is an affordable way to enrich your living and working spaces. Park Avenue Art Studio offers renting service which includes a personal consultation to discuss your wishes and, most importantly, site inspection to help you select a collection which fits perfectly in your surroundings, whether it be home or office. Rental costs are based on a percentage of the sale price. You have an option to buy the artwork at the end of the rental period.


. You can enjoy outstanding artworks at a fraction of the purchase cost.
. There is no big capital outlay. Rentals start from $500 per year.
. The rental cost is tax deductible for businesses.
. We will help to change your artwork to suit your needs or keep up with trends.
. Help you choose pieces that will create a distinctive environment.
. You can enjoy your art for 12 months or longer by agreement with the option buy with a discount at the end of the rental period.


  1. Contact Park Avenue Art Studio to discuss your needs.
  2. Select your artwork.
  3. Sign a rental agreement.
  4. Payment for the full period is required up front (see costs below). Settlement of delivery, installation and insurance is also necessary.
  5. Park Avenue Art Studio can supervise delivery and installation of your artwork.
  6. At the end of the rental period, Park Avenue Art Studio will contact you to see if you wish to extend the rental, purchase the work or return it .



Rental period

Percentage of Sale price per year

Cost to rent a $5000 art piece

A Year

12 .50%



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