Princess, Perfume & pillows

"The lady with the camellias' oil on linen, VanderBilt Beach, Naples, Florida

Why do modern women surround themselves with beautiful objects, why carry them, treasure them like relics? Modern Princesses wandering the streets of the 21st century cities with vague memories of the past, where princesses dreamed in their towers in evenly cruel cities, resting in pillows, fabrics, wearing beautiful dresses, feeling protected from evil by their knights and princess. Perfume, luxury items, modern relics, reminders from the old days. Perfume for example was seen as incense to mystify.

Reading Alexandre Dumas "La dame aux camellias, again I was confronted with the symbolism of an item as simple as an flower. In her suffering and pain over an unanswered love, she wore a camellia to the opera. For twenty-five days of the month the camellias were white and for five they were red, a courtesan willing to sacrifice and express all for love and purity.



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